Townsend Cole Group - FMA warning from Vienna

Is the Republic of Taiwan really the center of the investment fraud that the Austrian Financial Supervisory Authority is warning about? It is in the nature of things that such warnings from financial supervisory authorities first give the generally known address, regardless of its correctness. Apparently, there is a network of brokers in Taiwan, which was created by investment fraudsters. The criminals use this network to contact customers worldwide. In addition, they have access to accounts of renowned banks in Hong Kong, which are indispensable for the investment fraud. Many duped investors now want to know where they can get help with investment fraud? What are the next steps to advise victims of investment fraud?



Townsend Cole Group: How do you recognize investment fraudsters up front?
For very experienced investors, yes, but they were not targeted by the investment scammers allegedly operating out of Taiwan. It is the still unsuspecting newcomers who are often too easy to manipulate. The well-sounding and thus confidence-inspiring company names only initiate the manipulation. The following calls were made by native English speakers without accent. The investment scammers presented themselves with very good and also current knowledge of the capital market. Everything that followed followed the classic pattern of investment fraud, demanding higher and higher stakes from the investors. The investment fraudsters also succeeded in finding victims for their investment fraud in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The warning of the Austrian FMA seems to be logical. If the approach of the Townsend Cole Group is correctly classified, it joins the numerous cases of investment fraud in the Far East, which are also found in the warning lists of the supervisory authorities.


Townsend Cole Group: The money trails can be traced to Hong Kong
Initially, the investment fraudsters pretended to their victims that they had exclusive and particularly favorable as well as coveted share packages of world-famous companies at their disposal. It is understandable that many did not want to miss this favorable opportunity. They were not even suspicious when they were asked to transfer the money for the share packages to accounts of HSBC and Bank of China in Hong Kong, instead of Taiwan. Thus, the center of investment fraud shifts from Taiwan to Hong Kong.  What an evil game the investment scammers have put up, the victims realized much too late after they were persuaded to make more and more transfers. It would have been better if they had asked a lawyer familiar with trading beforehand.


Townsend Cole Group: In reality not a broker
On the Townsend Cole Group website, instead of facts, only fictions are reproduced. One of the fictions is that Townsend Cole Group is a broker. This is just as invented as the alleged company address in Taiwan's capital Taipei. The investment fraudsters probably chose Taiwan because it has the reputation of being a solid country, with a stable economy and an efficient administration, i.e. a rather unfavorable place for criminal actions. At the same time, for the same reasons, it is a perfect camouflage if you are not there. There are some plausible guesses as to where the investment fraudsters are. Taiwan, however, is certainly not.

Other cases of investment fraud have been committed by the companies listed here, supposedly registered in Taiwan:

Benidict Hoffman Tel: +886 2 7741 4876, +886 2 7741 4877.

Brook Dawson Alliance Tel: +886 2 7737 4491, +886 2 7741 4670

Ellis Marshall Global Tel: +886 2 7737 4738, +886 2 7737 4739

Everitt Lawson Group Tel: +886 2 7741 7927, +886 2 7741 7928

Findlay Nicolson Tel: +886 2 7705 3141, +886 2 7705 3142

Gentry Wilson Partners Tel: +886 2 7737 4732, +886 2 7737 4733

Irvine Humphries Global Tel: +886 2 7737 4437, +886 2 7737 4446

Lewis Bentley Group Tel: +886 2 7737 4438, +886 2 7737 4443

Radford Taylor Partners Tel: +886 2 7741 4861, +886 2 7741 4862

Royston Carr Asset Management Tel: +886 2 7703 4447, +886 2 7703 4448

Ryland Sandford Consultants Tel: +886 2 7737 4431, +886 2 7737 4434

Wallace Williamson

Ward Henderson Management Tel: +886 2 7703 1285, +886 2 7705 4492

Warrington Shaw Tel: +886 2 7703 4449, +886 2 7703 4450

The Taiwanese phone numbers were obviously acquired in blocks, as can be easily seen from the sequences of digits.

Townsend Cole Group: Criminal action against the investment fraudsters
Where can those affected by the investment fraud get support and help? Attorneys specializing in investment fraud should know the avenues that offer victims the best chance of recovering their money. They always act in parallel in two fields of action. The first field is the criminal one. In order to quickly initiate the criminal prosecution of investment fraud on a national, as well as on an international level, a routine approach is required. For this purpose, the criminal facts must be thoroughly recorded and prepared. The best way to do this is to provide the prosecution with ready-made indictments.


Townsend Cole Group: What to do about investment fraud?
The second area involves tracking the money in a timely and focused manner and pursuing it relentlessly. It is beyond the scope of this paper to describe the complex methods in more detail here. To summarize briefly: When banks have failed to follow up on their obligations to stop money laundering and other illegal banking activities, they must be held accountable. Lawyers who regularly deal with investment fraud are familiar with the customs of working with internationally established financial institutions. This makes it easier to enforce the application of applicable laws when prosecuting investment fraud.


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