Trading - How to get your money back from forex trading?

Bitter experiences are made by investors who have lost their money with dubious trading platforms! Their broker does not pay out, although all fees and taxes have been paid. What can investors who want their money back that were invested in trading?


Trading - Money back? Everything was a scam!
Money-back? This is wishful thinking at first. Trading victims must realize that they have fallen for a trading platform that never intended to pay them their money back in the first place. Everything was investment fraud from the beginning. All lies. Not a cent of the money has been invested. Everything went straight into the pockets of the investment scammers. The whole thing always runs according to the scheme of investment fraud. And how does the trading victim get his money back?


Trading - Money back? Can the police help?
Some of the defrauded investors go to the police in their first shock and file a criminal complaint themselves or through a lawyer. In doing so, they fail to realize that a criminal complaint does not serve to recover the money but to punish the perpetrators. A criminal complaint goes in the wrong direction. The chances are also slim if the recipient bank is asked to repay the money. What to do in case of investment fraud?



Trading - Money back: What help is there for investment fraud?
It is a difficult and extremely complex procedure that is necessary to recover the money. Experts agree that reclaiming the money from the bank and filing a criminal complaint is not sufficient. The lawyer specializing in trading will have to conduct extensive investigations of his own to assign the fraudulent trading platform to the relevant group of perpetrators. In addition, the trail of the money must be tracked digitally, which in many cases - especially with Bitcoin & Co - requires the use of "rocket science". The results of this investigation must then be brought into a combined civil, criminal, and regulatory proceeding under the jurisdiction of various states. Arguably, every case has an international connection.

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