Why RESCH Rechtsanwälte GmbH for Investment Fraud?

Getting your money back - 40 experts fight for it worldwide

When investors realize they have become victims of investment fraud, they must quickly decide what steps to take. Their first impulse is to go to the police and file a criminal complaint. Others want to hire a lawyer to help them get their money back. What criteria can investment fraud victims use to find the right investment fraud lawyer? Here is a guide for investors to help them find the right attorney.



Does the investor need a lawyer who specializes in investment fraud or is the general lawyer in the neighborhood sufficient?
The topic of investment fraud on the Internet is very complex. A general lawyer is not up to the task. Specialization and, if possible, many years of experience are the most important selection criteria. Therefore, it is not important that the lawyer is located nearby because all investment fraud cases have not only a national but also an international connection. A team of almost 40 employees is available for the implementation of this complex task. 


Since 1986, RESCH Rechtsanwälte has focused exclusively on the protection of aggrieved investors and has helped well over one hundred thousand investors save their money. With almost 40 years of experience in investor protection, we have a unique selling point. 


Doesn't the attorney have to file a criminal complaint?
It should be enough to report the investment fraud to the police - and you don't even need a lawyer to do that. But for a well-founded criminal complaint, the lawyer should already know how to recognize online investment fraud in its different variants and how to work out the elements of the crime of fraud for the specific case. But this is not enough. Although a criminal complaint alone does not bring back money, it is an important part of the investor lawyer's work. 


For the quality of the criminal complaint, it is important that the investor lawyer can identify the online fraudulent trading platforms with the fraud gangs behind them or the call centers of the fraudsters from the multitude of his cases. Thousands of online fraud platforms cause billions of dollars of damage every year. This requires data analysis of all incoming cases. A single lawyer cannot do this without the necessary logistics. 


RESCH Rechtsanwälte has therefore set up its research department with six employees who, among other things, carry out this data analysis and incorporate it into the criminal complaints. As a result of numerous requests, an informal network with judicial authorities in Switzerland and abroad is constantly growing and information is exchanged. This information helps the firm's seven attorneys to follow the money trail, even though the state investigative authorities are primarily concerned with prosecuting the fraudsters.


How can a lawyer follow the money trail?
It is expensive, complex, and time-consuming. But it is the only way to help investors get their money back! First of all, you have to distinguish between deposits into normal bank accounts and deposits into Bitcoin via crypto exchanges.


Normal deposits of defrauded investors are usually made to accounts abroad, which are set up by the fraudsters' helpers who specialize in money laundering. Jurisdiction for the criminal offense of money laundering is generally at the domicile of the receiving bank, i.e. abroad. The same applies to local jurisdiction for civil claims against the payee or the recipient bank. 


In the case of Bitcoin & Co. deposits, it is only possible to trace the flow of funds in the blockchain if the necessary technology can be used for this purpose, which, according to our observations, is not available to state investigative authorities or other law firms to the extent required. However, identifying the target wallets is a prerequisite for the recovery of the funds, but also for the assertion of possible claims for damages against the crypto exchanges. 


RESCH Rechtsanwälte GmbH is a partner of Chainalysis, the world leader in Bitcoin blockchain traceability. The results are amazing even for experts!


How can all these claims be pursued abroad?
It requires that the investment fraud lawyer has basic knowledge and experience of the legal process of pursuing legal actions in the relevant countries to make the claims on the spot. But for the concrete implementation a network of experts and lawyers in the relevant countries is absolutely necessary. 


RESCH Rechtsanwälte has built up such a network over the years and is constantly expanding it. We have partners in our network:



With this network, we can take civil and criminal action against the money laundering structures and their supporting financial institutions in the above-mentioned countries with a good chance of success. As a result, investors have a much better chance of recovering their money than the victims of investment fraud might expect.  


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