Paraiba - Who is responsible for the damage

For more and more investors of Paraiba, it is clear that Paraiba is a Ponzi scheme that is about to collapse. Consequently, such trillant cannot bring any rescue. Tens of thousands of Paraiba investors lose their money. What possibilities are there to get the money back? Who is liable for compensation to the Paraiba victims?


Paraiba: A criminal multi-level system
Paraiba is a multi-level system. Whoever sits at the top of the pyramid gets the most. A multi-level system is criminal when the commissions are the actual purpose of the system and the underlying business model, which is supposed to earn the money, takes a back seat. In the case of Paraiba, the business model was simply not recognizable. All were only confused and contradictory statements that some brokers (who?) somewhere (?) earn money (how much?) with trading. There is not even an attempt to prove the business model with facts. How could there be? There is nothing?


Paraiba: Liability of the backers
Who builds up such a criminal multi-level system I make itself punishable and liable for the damage caused. This concerns Erich Ely & cronies if they are convicted of fraud. We have followed the trail of the money and found some clusters with considerable sums. So money is there. This money can be used to compensate the defrauded investors.


Paraiba: Influencer liability
But the level below is also liable for the damage because they have at least negligently encouraged investors with their presentation on the Internet that they enter the multi-level system. Before the influencers, recommenders, or distributors - whatever you want to call them - make such a recommendation, they must inform themselves about the business model. If the distributors have not done this, they have acted negligently and are therefore liable. Presumably, however, everyone knew that any background information about the if, where, and how of the business model was unclear. Just entering the address of Unique Private Bank on Google Maps should have set off all the alarm sirens. All they cared about was the commission. Then the salesmen stick all the more! There is also no disclaimer faded in for a few seconds helps!


Paraiba: What sense does a criminal complaint make?
Should the defrauded Paraiba investors go to the police and file a criminal complaint? This makes sense, but will not bring back any money! Short information: We have already filed such a criminal complaint. Whoever wants to, may join. Everyone must realize that they will not get their money back by filing a criminal complaint. This is only possible in a so-called adhesion procedure, which only works with the involvement of a lawyer who is familiar with these things.    Or an individual civil law claim for damages is asserted! 


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