Dubious trading platforms - How to recognize them?

Is there a list of dubious trading platforms where the fraudulent brokers are warned? But then it is usually too late because often the deceived investor has already fallen for the dubious trading platform. So how can the investor himself distinguish the reputable trading platforms from the dubious trading platforms? 


Dubious trading platforms: How helpful are warning lists?
It is usually a mistake to expect that there will be a warning list with warnings about rogue trading platforms or rogue brokers that will warn the unsuspecting investor in time. All warning lists, be it the Google top-listed warning lists against investment fraud of the SGK e.V., the warning list money investment of Finanztest, or warnings of the RESCH Rechtsanwälte GmbH, are logically reactions to already conspicuous unserious trading platforms. But they are usually faster than the warning lists of the state supervisory authorities, such as those of BaFin, the Austrian FMA, or the federal finma.


Dubious trading platform: Not regulated by BaFin
But how can the investor himself check whether it is a serious trading platform on which he gets involved? With all trading platforms registered with BaFin, FMA, or FINMA, one can assume that the business model is not based on investment fraud. If not regulated, hands off! In addition, there is a very typical scheme of investment fraud, according to which the dubious trading platforms proceed. Of course, the websites of the dubious trading platforms are perfectly made. It is difficult for the layman to see that everything is fake and that not a single cent of his money is invested, but ends up in the pockets of the fraudulent brokers.


Dubious trading platform: Criminal complaint does not bring back money
Only when the broker does not pay out, does the victim of the dubious trading platform become aware that everything is investment fraud. What to do in case of investment fraud, the shocked investors ask themselves. Some go to the police and file a criminal complaint. But a criminal complaint ideally leads to the punishment of the perpetrators, but not to the recovery of the money. A criminal complaint is not enough! What does the investor have to do if he wants his money back? What help is available?


RESCH Rechtsanwälte - Experience in investor protection since 1986
If it is not enough to file a criminal complaint and ask the receiving bank or crypto exchanger to repay the money, what does a law firm specializing in online investment fraud have to do? It's exceedingly complex. First, high-tech tools are used to digitally trace the money and secure it. The whole thing has to be integrated with legal steps on civil, criminal, regulatory, and international levels because all cases involving rogue trading platforms have a foreign connection. If you want to know more call +49 30 885 9770 or fill out the contact form. You will receive a free assessment of your case.