Investment fraud cases - help through investor protection

Many victims of investment fraud hope for help through effective investor protection. What are the cases of investment fraud? What warnings are there in these cases of investment fraud? Can these cases be resolved through comprehensive investor protection? What are the ways for the defrauded investor to recover his money in these cases of investment fraud?


Investment fraud cases: Is there fraud at all?
First of all, it must be clarified whether or not the investor has actually become a victim of investment fraud. Investment fraud cannot be assumed if the investor has simply subscribed to a capital investment that is performing poorly. In his subjective feeling the investor feels cheated. But is he really the victim of an investment fraud?


Investment fraud cases: When is fraud present?
Fraud is committed only if the investment was intentionally misleading and the investment fraudsters intended to gain a pecuniary advantage. An investment fraud is certainly present in situations where the companies, under false names, lure investors with promises of high returns on the Internet. For the inexperienced investor, these scam sites are difficult to recognize.


Investment fraud cases: Warning lists of the financial supervisory authority
It is definitely an indication of investment fraud if the company suspected of investment fraud is named on the warning lists of the supervisory authorities. For German-speaking investors, this means the German BaFin, the Austrian FMA and the Swiss FINMA.


Investment fraud cases: Warning lists at RESCH Lawyers
The websites of the supervisory authorities contain a list of companies whose offers are warned against. On the website of RESCH Attorneys at Law, the warning lists of the financial supervisory authorities with their current warnings for investors can be viewed.


Investment fraud cases: Warning list at Finanztest
In addition, the warning list from Finanztest should also be mentioned. This also gives investors tips on where it is better not to invest their money.


Investment fraud cases: What to do in case of investment fraud?
What courses of action does an investor have when he realizes that he has become a victim of investment fraud? In many cases, the first reaction is to go to the police and file a criminal complaint. As understandable as this step is, it does little to help the investor get his money back. Criminal proceedings serve to punish the perpetrators, but fundamentally not to recover the money.


Investment fraud cases: Investment fraud help
In order to recover the money in the case of investment fraud, a number of other steps must be taken to establish a potential claim. The defrauded investor will not be able to do this alone. It must be clear to every victim of investment fraud that recovering the money is a very complex issue that can only be implemented in an optimized manner with cooperation between private lawyers, investigators, and the state authorities.


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