Paraiba - Serious or all fake? Experiences with investment fraud

What are the experiences of the investors? For a long time, there were no problems with the payouts. Is it therefore serious? No! It is not serious. This is how every Ponzi scheme works until it collapses. Unfortunately, many victims of Paraiba World trust the slogans of their advisors, recommenders, or influencers on the Internet for far too long. But these are themselves in a dangerous situation. They know that they are obligated to compensate for the damage done because they have given wrong advice to the investors or simply lied to them. So the advisors will do everything they can to keep stalling their victims and deny any blame.



Paraiba World: Everything is fake!
How can investors quickly convince themselves that everything is just a hoax? As is well known, Paraiba World is operated by Unique Private Bank. If one looks at their web page, one sees the skylines of important financial centers. Not only paper but also websites are patient. Allegedly, there is even a license on the Comoros island of Mwali. Where is that? Anyone can quickly see for themselves where Unique Private Bank has its headquarters. Just enter the address on Google Maps: Bonovo Road, Fomboni, Island of Moheli. A bitterly poor town with streets (better: sand roads) without street names, four restaurants, one hostel, three mosques, and no trace of the Unique Private Bank, which operates worldwide. So everything is a lie. Paraiba is a fantasy product with a snowball system.


Paraiba: Liability of the intermediaries
Of course, also the mediators know that there is what cannot be correct. It is not enough to always just calculate the interesting effect. You have to look behind the scenes. There is no Unique Private Bank in Fomboni. But the commission is so good that they firmly close their eyes to the obvious reality. Every intermediary is therefore liable for the damage done. Even negligence is enough. The Paraiba money machine also advertises bonuses for recruiting new clients. It is a multilevel system and to all appearances a punishable one.


Paraiba: Follow the money!
In the past, people used to say: money is not gone, it's just somewhere else. Today, you can add to that. Money can be tracked digitally. This also applies to wallets for cryptocurrencies. From the accounts where the money has been deposited to the other accounts. Money laundering is the keyword. 


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