Investment fraud lawyer - Where has the money gone?

Does an a victim of investment fraud need a lawyer? Is it sufficient to report the investment fraud to the police without involving a lawyer? How do victims of investment fraud get their money back? Do they stand a chance without a lawyer specializing in investment fraud?



Investment fraud lawyer: scam companies on the Internet
Many hundreds of thousands of investors fall victim to investment fraudsters every year. Investment fraud does not only take place at the personal contact level. In many cases, contacts are made via the Internet. Fraudulent companies lure investors with high returns through questionable investment deals. These are often bogus companies, where the persons and addresses behind them are not recognizable. In many cases, however, false names and addresses are used. In some cases, even a genuine and reputable company is cloned on the website in order to carry out an investment scam.


Investment fraud lawyer: Better to go straight to the police?
When investors realize they have been victims of investment fraud, most withdraw resentfully. They don't go to a lawyer who specializes in investment fraud, and they don't go to the police. Most investors in investment fraud do nothing at all. Only a small minority nevertheless become active and report the investment fraud to the police. The number of unreported cases of investment fraud is therefore very high.


Investment fraud lawyer: can police help?
Already on their first visit, the victims of investment fraud will notice that the police and the public prosecutor's offices are usually hopelessly overwhelmed, not only in Germany. This is also the observation, as the lawyer specialized in investment fraud hears again and again. For the investment fraud lawyer is not surprising. Investment fraud is usually highly complex, internationally intertwined and difficult to investigate.
Investment fraud lawyer: police often overwhelmed
The state investigative authorities are poorly positioned in terms of technology and personnel when it comes to prosecuting investment fraud offenses. This is true even for those departments in the LKA that specialize in investment fraud. Many victims of investment fraud are bitterly disappointed when, after months of waiting, they receive a notice of discontinuance. They have the feeling that they are helplessly at the mercy of the investment fraudsters.


Investment fraud lawyer: alternative to the police
However, some investors who have become victims of investment fraud also turn to a lawyer. It is important, however, that this lawyer specializes in investment fraud. This is definitely a better alternative than going to the police and filing a criminal complaint for investment fraud. It must be clear to the victim of investment fraud that filing a criminal complaint with the police for investment fraud first only serves to punish the perpetrators of the investment fraud.


Investment fraud lawyer: by reporting no money back
The criminal complaint for investment fraud and the investigations for investment fraud initiated with it do not have the goal of recovering the funds of the defrauded investors. This only takes place in a separate procedure, which the investor can in fact not carry out himself, but only through a lawyer specializing in investment fraud.
Investment fraud lawyer: to determine the facts of the case
The main task of the lawyer specializing in investment fraud is to investigate the facts of the case. The investment fraud lawyer must be professionally capable of researching the facts and background of the investment fraud.


Investment fraud lawyer: follow the trail of money
The main thing in investment fraud is to trace the money. This is possible with various methods. So money is not only somewhere else, you can usually find and secure it with the necessary expertise of a specialist lawyer for investment fraud. In addition, there are good chances to trace the money through the legal rules on money laundering.


Investment fraud lawyer: together with the police
Ideally, the investigations of the lawyer specializing in investment fraud will lead to the preparation of a criminal complaint about the investment fraud - in additionto the assertion of possible civil claims for money laundering - to the public prosecutor's office, which can be immediately rewritten into an indictment for investment fraud. And importantly, the public prosecutor's office must be informed of the whereabouts of the funds obtained through the investment fraud, so that the accounts can be blocked and the funds secured.


Investment fraud lawyer: restitution of funds
In view of an inadequately equipped investigating authority, the chances of the victim of the investment fraud increase considerably. The specialist lawyer for investment fraud also knows whether and how he can use the criminal proceedings to assert the restitution claim of his client who has been harmed by the investment fraud.


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