Online trading scam - how does the victim get money back?

Hundreds of thousands of people fall victim to the online trading scam every year. Trading victims wonder why the broker does not pay out. Far too late, investors realize that they have been taken in by fraudulent brokers. But it is a perfect spectacle, what was offered there on the fraudulent online platform. It is almost impossible for the unsuspecting investor to realize that everything was investment fraud from the very beginning. What chances do trading victims have to get their money back?


Online trading scam: Criminal charges alone are useless
In their first impulse, many investors go to the police and file a criminal complaint. This is not helpful if the trading victim wants to get his money back. A criminal complaint serves to punish the perpetrators, but not to recover the money. The idea of protecting victims in the context of criminal prosecution was enshrined in law more than ten years ago, but unfortunately, too little attention is paid to it in practice. That is why it is important to follow the money and tell law enforcement authorities where investment fraudsters hide their money. In the past, it was said that money is never gone, only somewhere else. Today, you can add to that: Money can usually be tracked digitally if you know how.


Online trading scam: Follow the money!
Following the money is exceedingly difficult and complex. Not only do high technical requirements have to be mastered, but it also requires high legal requirements and a Europe-wide or better worldwide network. A case never takes place in just one country. There are always international references. And probably every country has its peculiarities, in which the lawyer specializing in trading fraud has to get involved. Online fraudsters operate on the World Wide Web and know no borders. To pursue them, the same paths must be followed. 


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