Unserious traders - trading platforms

Unseriöse Trader - here first a definition is to be made The Trader is the victim of the unseriösen Trading platform, the broker the one, which persuades the "Trader" to deposit money on its alleged trade account with the unseriösen Trading platform, to trade with it, thus. The fraudulent brokers put the money right into their pockets. Not a cent has been deposited in the trading account for trading. All theater. All lies. How do traders get their money back from the fraudulent platforms?


Unserious traders: Broker doesn't pay out
Many unsuspecting investors become victims of fraudulent trading platforms. Investors realize that they are being defrauded when there are problems with the broker, i.e. when the broker does not pay out. Most often, trading victims then look on the Internet to check whether the online broker is on the blacklist for brokers, or whether there are otherwise broker warnings. 


Unserious traders: Blacklists for fraudulent brokers
It finds then often the warning of the fraudulent broker or the fraudulent Trading platform on the warning lists of the RESCH of attorneys GmbH, which are the warnings of the SGK or the investment warnings of the financial test. Perhaps the trading victims have also encountered the warnings of BaFin, FINMA, or FMA, which, however, often come too late. But now the investor knows that he has been deceived, that he has fallen for example into the cryptocurrency scam. 


Unserious traders: Criminal charges do not bring money back
What to do in case of investment fraud, the shocked investors ask themselves. Some go to the police and file a criminal complaint themselves or even through a lawyer familiar with investment fraud. But a criminal complaint ideally leads to the punishment of the perpetrators, but not to the recovery of the money. A criminal complaint is not enough! What must the investor do if he wants his money back? What help is available?


Unserious traders: What help is there for investment fraud?
It is a difficult and extremely complex procedure that is necessary to recover the money. Experts agree that recovering the money from the bank and filing a criminal complaint is not enough. The lawyer specializing in trading will have to conduct extensive investigations of his own to assign the fraudulent trading platform to the appropriate group of perpetrators. In addition, the trail of the money must be tracked digitally, which in many cases - especially with Bitcoin & Co - requires the use of "rocket science". The results of this investigation must then be brought into a combined civil, criminal, and regulatory proceeding under the jurisdiction of various states. Probably every case of a trading victim has an international connection.

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