Problems with Brokers - Where to get help?

Many investors have problems with their brokers. The broker does not pay out and is not reputable. These are experiences investors of trading platforms on the Internet regularly make. It often takes a while and thousands of euros before investors realize that they have fallen for a fraudulent broker. He never traded and never wanted to pay the money back. What can investors do if they want their money back? What help is available if the broker causes problems.


Problems with a broker: It's all just investment fraud
It is a bitter realization when investors realize that it was all just investment fraud, that an investment fraudster stole their money. The broker does not pay out. A shock to the self-esteem. But what do you do if you've fallen for a fraudulent broker? Some almost reflexively go to the police and file a criminal complaint. This is understandable, but not purposeful because a criminal complaint serves primarily to punish the perpetrators, but not to recover the money. What to do in case of investment fraud? Does it help to look at the blacklist for brokers? How do investors get their money back? 

Problems with a broker: Follow the money trail
It is therefore important to follow the money trail when there are problems with brokers. In the past, it was said that money is not gone, but only somewhere else. Today, you can add to that: Money can be tracked digitally regularly. That's not easy. Complex technical tools have to be used for this. In addition, there must also be a high level of legal expertise in the areas of criminal law, supervisory law, and civil law in the relevant countries. Probably all cases involving problems with brokers have an international connection. What help is available in these investment fraud cases


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