Victims Of Trading - What to do?

What can the victim of a dubious trading platform do if the broker does not pay out? A nasty experience for the trading victim! First of all, the trading victim must realize as soon as possible that he/she has fallen for investment scams! The trading victim must realize that it is useless to deal with a fraudulent broker and pay more and more money for supposed taxes, fees, or anything else. Everything is a lie! Nothing real! Everything is investment fraud! But how does the trading victim get his money back?


Victims Of Trading: What sense does a criminal complaint make?
If the broker does not pay out, many trading victims follow their first impulse and run to the police and file a criminal complaint. But a criminal complaint is not useful, because it is primarily intended to punish the fraudulent broker. A criminal complaint is unsuitable for recovering the money. Some trading victims also turn to supervisory authorities, such as the German BaFin, the FMA in Vienna, or the Swiss FINMA, which are not responsible for the recovery of money. Here, at best, the trading victim will find warning lists with the warning message against his dubious trading platform. What help is there then for the trading victim?

Victims Of Trading: Dubious offers on Google Ads
When looking for help for trading victims, they quickly find promising ads on Google from fund recovery companies that advertise their great successes in recovering funds. All nonsense. Here, for expensive money, only the banks are written to and asked to repay the money. Completely senseless! But also some law firms switch to Google Ads and boast of their competence. They then usually make an additional criminal complaint, which - as shown above - is not suitable for recovering the money. That's it then.

Victims Of Trading: What help is there for investment fraud?
It is a difficult and extremely complex procedure that is necessary to recover the money. Experts agree that reclaiming the money from the bank and filing a criminal complaint is not enough. The lawyer specializing in trading will have to conduct extensive investigations of his own to assign the fraudulent trading platform to the appropriate group of perpetrators. In addition, the trail of the money must be tracked digitally, which in many cases - especially with Bitcoin & Co - requires the use of "rocket science". The results of this investigation must then be brought into a combined civil, criminal, and regulatory proceeding under the jurisdiction of various states. Probably every case of a trading victim has an international connection.


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