Paraiba - No license for Unique Private Bank

Erich Ely was not even willing to buy a banking license in Comoros for the smallest amount of money. Would have been so easy for the reputation of Paraiba and its operator Unique Private Bank. Upon request, the responsible department of the Banque Centrale des Comores the supervisory authority has now stated that Unique Private Bank has never held a banking license. A house of cards is officially collapsing. What are the consequences of this?


Paraiba: House of cards without foundations
Events are coming to a head. On Trustpilot, more and more Paraiba investors report that payouts have stopped. There is not enough fresh money coming in to keep the Ponzi scheme going. More and more investors doubt the ingenious Paraiba money printing system and demand the payout of their money. Those who still believe in the ingenious Paraiba money printing system, knowing that there never was a Unique Private Bank and that the foundation of Paraiba never existed, are hard to help. Of course, Ely resists the collapse.

Paraiba: Launch of the Trillant Pay Coin to buy time
First, the funds in the Paraiba accounts will be converted into tokens for the future Trillant Pay Coin. This will be launched in four to six weeks - or rather on the day of never-never? Because at launch it would become clear that the Paraiba credits are fictitious and thus the Trillant Pay Coin has no value - instead of an increase in value by one hundred percent, as promised by Ely. Who still trusts Ely and his non-existent Unique Private Bank?

Paraiba: Influencers try to save themselves
The distributors within the multi-level system have been warned. This is also proven by the first confidential inquiries. The distributors are wondering whether there could be immunity from prosecution if they cooperate, or at least a mitigation of punishment. For the victims of the Paraiba Pyramid Scheme, it is a matter of getting back their investment. 

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