Brooks Dawson Alliance - Investment Scammers from Taiwan

Brooks Dawson Alliance has its official headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan. At least that is the official version. In fact, Brooks Dawson Alliance belongs to a group of investment fraud companies that claim to be based in Taiwan. Brooks Dawson Alliance belongs to a group of scam companies that are hunting for customers all over the world and have found many victims in German-speaking countries as well. Brooks Dawson Alliance uses accounts at reputable banks in Hong Kong. Victims of Brooks Dawson Alliance wonder what help is available for investment scams like this? What to do if they have been victimized by investment scammers? How can they get their money back?



Brooks Dawson Alliance: How do you recognize investment scammers?
The Brooks Dawson Alliance investment scammers, supposedly based in Taiwan, operate with a high level of psychological expertise. They present themselves as experts of the capital market. And in fact, they also have a good knowledge of the Asian market in particular. They bear very distinguished English names and are obviously native English speakers. They succeed in encouraging their victims to place higher and higher stakes, entirely in the classic scheme of investment fraud.


Brooks Dawson Alliance: the money trail leads to Hong Kong
The investment fraudsters at the Brooks Dawson Alliance deceive their victims into believing that they can sell them blocks of shares in renowned companies at favorable prices. The purchase price for the shares is then paid into HSBC or Bank of China accounts in Hong Kong. Thus, it is no longer Taiwan but Hong Kong that is the actual center of the investment fraud. Much too late, the deceived investors realize that they are to be tricked into transferring their last money to accounts in Hong Kong by means of sophisticated conversation.


Brooks Dawson Alliance: It's just a virtual broker
Everything about Brooks Dawson Alliance is appearance, not reality. In fact, there is no Brooks Dawson Alliance brokerage firm at the given address in Taipei, Taiwan. It can be considered certain that Taiwan is just a digital location with a fake website of the investment scammers through which you conduct your criminal business. Where the investment scammers are actually located can only be assumed at the moment. But certainly they are not in Taiwan.


Investment fraud cases in Taiwan currently include the following companies:

Brooks Dawson Alliance
Wallace Williamson
Royston Carr Asset Management
Warrington Shaw
Ward Henderson Management
Townsend Cole Group
Everitt Lawson Group
Radford Taylor Partners

Gentry Wilson Partners
Ellis Marshal Global
Lewis Bentley Group
Findlay Nicholson


Brooks Dawson Alliance: following the money trail
What help can victims of investment fraud expect? An attorney specializing in investment fraud will take a two-pronged approach. He will take all criminal steps against the investment fraudsters on a national and international level. It is important that the facts of the case are extensively prepared in terms of criminal law. Ideally, a ready indictment must be sent to the public prosecutor's office. In parallel, the trail of the money must be followed. It is a complex process that cannot be described comprehensively at this point. Many investors are not aware that banks have significant obligations to follow up on a suspicion of illegal transactions or money laundering. An experienced investment fraud attorney should be aware of the international legal principles that apply to most investment fraud cases.


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