WTB Investing - operator has been under BaFin's scrutiny for some time now

WTB Investing pretends to provide investors with ideal conditions to make fast and safe money at the same time when trading online. At WTB Investing, everything is investment fraud. Nothing is traded on wtbinvesting.com. Everything the investor sees on their screen is fake. Not a cent has been invested. The money has landed straight into the pockets of the investment scammers. Have you had similar reviews? What help is there for investment fraud? How do investors get their money back from dubious providers? What can investors do who have been defrauded by WTB Investing?

WTB Investing: Who is behind it? 
Since the WTB Investing makers do everything they can to conceal the true circumstances, investors should have a hard time answering this question. In fact, this is nothing unusual, because the perpetrators usually operate several of these websites with the same fraudulent business model. They are continuously created, quickly uploaded on the internet and just as quickly taken offline again. In addition, the top-level domain is changed again and again in order to evade the financial supervisory authorities and law enforcement agencies. But on 19.04.2023, BaFin published a warning  against the operator, the British Halebore LTD.


But who operates WTB Investing? 
There is hardly any usable information about this on the website wtbinvesting.com. Admittedly, the company Halebore Ltd is given the address 30 St Mary Axe, London EC3A 8BF, but the makers of WTB Investing cannot be found at this address, which is, after all, a bogus address. In addition, the e-mail address support@wtbinvesting.com can be found there, but no telephone number. The domain wtbinvesting.com was registered on 26.01.2023 with NameCheap, Inc.


WTB Investing: Scheme of the investment fraud 
The investment fraud apparently runs according to the notorious scheme: investors enter with a small sum - usually 250 euros - and quickly experience how this amount multiplies so that they are willing to "invest" ever higher sums. The conflicts begin as soon as an investor wants to have his money paid out, because now, ostensibly, taxes, commissions, fees or whatever have to be paid first. Unfortunately, most investors realise far too slowly that they have fallen for investment fraudsters who never intended to pay out the money again.


WTB Investing: What help is there for investment fraud? 
Many investors ask themselves what to do in the case of investment fraud, since criminal charges hardly make sense because criminal charges primarily serve the purpose of prosecution and not the recovery of money. What help can one hope for in investment fraud cases and how do defrauded investors get their money back? A lawyer specialising in investment fraud knows how to trace the money, because as they used to say, money is never gone, only somewhere else. Now it can be added to that: It is difficult, but with the right tools it is possible to trace money systematically digitally - even if it was transferred with Bitcoin via a Crypto Exchanger.

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