TradeStation - Deception and fraud

The fraudulent websites of TradeStatione and TradeStationes lure visitors with seemingly professional offers and deceive them. The true identity of the scammers remains hidden, and the involved companies are not responsible for the content. The alleged legalization certificate from Fincertus is a forgery. Our investigations lead to investment scammers. Many investors have had bitter experiences with this untrustworthy broker. If you have also had bad experiences, feel free to contact us.



The approach of TradeStatione
The websites of TradeStatione and TradeStationes, operating under the domains,, and, create the impression of professionalism. They directly address the visitor, entice them with seemingly interesting offers, and emphasize the support of their staff, who allegedly lead to impressive returns and profits. All of this appears highly convincing. However, as an unsuspecting investor, one cannot recognize that it is merely a staged performance and that not a single cent of the invested money is used. All the money goes directly into the pockets of the scammers, who also do not act on behalf of the investors. It is an illusion, a perfectly designed deception.


Who are the operators of the TradeStatione scheme?
The websites of TradeStatione and TradeStationes do not provide an informative imprint, which is likely done to make it harder to trace the perpetrators. The domain data of the websites,, and do not indicate who originally registered them. It is only known that the first domain was registered on 26.09.2022 with Hosting Concepts B.V., the second on 13.03.2023 with Gransy S.R.O., and the third on 19.05.2023 with Hostinger UAB. The actual domain owners hide behind a common anonymization service in all these cases.


TradeStation, TradeStatione, or TradeStationes?
It is noticeable that the websites of TradeStatione and TradeStationes juggle with different company names, but suddenly the lettering "TradeStation" appears at the top. The terms and conditions also mention "TradeStation," not "TradeStatione" or "TradeStationes." So, what is the correct company name? Here's what we know: There is indeed a provider named TradeStation that uses the domain Although this TradeStation also seems somewhat shady, it seems more likely that scammers have unlawfully abused the name of this company for fraudulent purposes. We currently have no evidence that TradeStation ( is responsible for the content on,, and, especially since different company logos are used there.


TradeStatione: All smoke and mirrors
But what do we know about the originators of,, and In addition to various support email addresses, potential investors are also provided with the phone number +44 7517066472 with a British country code, and the address 256 Mortlake High St, London SW14 8SJ, UK is used. So far, so good. It's a nice area, but we couldn't find any traces of TradeStatione or TradeStationes there. There is also no indication that the masterminds of this scheme can be found elsewhere in London or the United Kingdom. As for the many employees of TradeStatione and TradeStationes presented on the fraudulent websites with names and photos, we were unable to locate any of them. The stock photos are available to anyone on the internet, and the names do not match the photos shown. The employees there are invented!


TradeStatione: Cross-border investigations
An extensive search in global registers for TradeStatione and TradeStationes yields no results. It is a pure fantasy construct. While there are many entries in the United Kingdom's trade register resembling the name TradeStatione or TradeStationes (e.g., Tradestation LTD, Tradestation International LTD, Trade Stationers Scotland LTD...), we do not believe that any of these legally operating companies are responsible for the content on,, and But what about the alleged legalization certificate from the Financial Certification Service called Fincertus?


Well, it is not an official authority but a fake institution! This document is completely worthless. And Fincertus claims to be from Belgium, which makes no sense at all since it supposedly concerns a British company named TradeStatione or TradeStationes, for which the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK would be responsible. But fortunately, our research team has managed to trace the trails left by the investment scammers on their websites and in their contact with the victims using our investigation tools. Now we need to analyze these traces. It is only a matter of time until the regulatory authorities become aware of the activities of TradeStatione and TradeStationes and warn against their illegal actions.


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