Top Trade Capital - A trap for inexperienced investors

The offers on sound is really attractive. What investor wouldn't be interested in an intelligent plan for his money and the best access to financial markets? Top Trade Capital advertises a fully regulated platform and perfect solutions for Forex, cryptocurrencies, binary options, and stocks. But now, more investors are coming forward to report bad experiences with Top Trade Capital. All of them were denied withdrawal of deposited and won funds under flimsy pretexts. This suggests investment fraud. What can defrauded investors do if the suspicion of investment fraud proves e can victims find help to get back misappropriated money?



Splendid offers on
Top Trade Capital's website states, "Our platform is designed to deliver optimal risk-adjusted returns. We have always placed a high priority on risk management systems. Our primary mission is to minimize risk while delivering profit on every transaction." The problem is that profits are systematically misappropriated, leaving investors empty-handed. They settled for promises such as "14.5% on your investment assets," "high, regular returns," and "immediate automatic payout."


How did investors become aware of Top Trade Capital?
Platforms like only occasionally directly advertise themselves. Much more effective and also more convenient for the platform operators is referral marketing. This means that a third party receives a premium for each investor referred. It does not matter how it does this. As a result, more or less trustworthy intermediaries promote Top Trade Capital's platform on countless channels. These range from forums for investors, to personal contacts in social networks, to dating apps where your future dream partner gives you recommendations on how to become as wealthy as he or she is.


Who owns the domain
In the case of a legally operated trading platform in Germany, a look at the imprint is generally sufficient to locate the person or persons responsible. The information on, however, is sparse. Names and contact data of responsible persons are searched for in vain. The website's online information reveals that the domain was registered with NameSilo, LLC on January 25, 2022. However, it remains hidden by whom, because the contact details are camouflaged by the anonymization service See, as is usual in investment scams.


Who operates the Top Trade Capital platform?
This question usually cannot be answered by investors, because investment scammers set out to deceive from the start and disguise their identity almost perfectly to do so. Almost, because of course it always leaves traces when money changes hands online. On the other hand, we can say with certainty that the business address "Fifth avenue, between 33rd and 34th street, Manhattan, New York, United States" given on is a false statement. Top Trade Capital is an imaginary construct. There is no operating company with responsible individuals. But our team of investigators is following the digital traces of the money, to the fraudsters.


Top Trade Capital is only one platform of many
The domain belongs to a whole farm of fraudulent trading portals. These include FXInvestmentgoal (, CryptoDreams (, Tesla Stock (, Octopus+ (, BTCinvest (, FxMeta Trades ( to name a few. It is also safe to assume that numerous other domains are already being designed to trick new investors. They all follow the same scheme of investment fraud.


Top Trade Capital demands only a small entrance sum
The curious investor can then see how the amount quickly becomes larger on his manipulated account. Of course, driven by the social engineering of the "customer advisors", this increases the willingness to deposit more and more money to accelerate growth. But at some point, everyone reaches the point where he wants to withdraw at least some of his newly acquired wealth. He will not succeed in doing so, because at first flimsy excuses for non-payment will have to be made. Finally, the trading account is set to zero or deleted and contact is broken off.



What help is there for victims of investment fraud by Top Trade Capital?
What to do if you have been defrauded by criminals when trading online? Of course, one can file a criminal complaint with the police, but this will hardly get one's money back. A lawyer specializing in investment fraud and his team of investigators knows how to follow the money trail. With the proper tools and knowledge, the money can be tracked digitally, even if it was routed through an Exchanger using Bitcoin.


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