SwissTrade: Scam exposed, retrieve your money

"Earn quick and secure money with our modern trading platforms for cryptocurrencies, Forex, commodities, and indices. Experience the difference!" This is how SwissTrade lures interested visitors to its website However, behind the enticing promises hides an investment fraud. What investors see there is pure deception. There is no real trading taking place, and the invested money goes directly into the pockets of the scammers. Not a single cent is invested. Have you had similar experiences? How can investors retrieve their money from SwissTrade? What can those who have been deceived by SwissTrade do?



SwissTrade: The masterminds remain hidden
The operators of SwissTrade make every effort to conceal their true intentions. Therefore, it is often difficult for investors to uncover their identity. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated case, as scammers often operate several fraudulent websites following the same model. They are created in rapid succession, put online, and then quickly shut down. Additionally, they regularly change the top-level domain to stay one step ahead of financial supervisory and law enforcement authorities.

But who is really behind SwissTrade?
You won't find any useful information about the operators on SwissTrade's website. The company SwissTrade (without legal form) claims its business address is 50 Stratton St, London, United Kingdom. However, you will certainly not encounter the actual masterminds of SwissTrade there, as it is a bogus address. Furthermore, you will only find an email address (, but no phone number. The domain was registered on 15/02/2023 with, LLC.

SwissTrade: The scheme of investment fraud
Investment fraud typically follows a familiar pattern: Initially, investors invest a small amount that rapidly grows. This entices them to invest larger sums. Problems arise when investors want to withdraw their money. Suddenly, alleged taxes, commissions, fees, or other payments appear. Unfortunately, many investors realize too late that they have fallen victim to a scam and that there is no intention to ever pay out the money.

Questions and Answers (FAQ):
Question 1: How can I retrieve my money from SwissTrade?
Answer: If you have become a victim of SwissTrade and want to reclaim your money, it is advisable to gather evidence first, such as emails, chat logs, or account statements. After that, you should consult a specialized attorney for investment fraud who can help you trace the money trail and enforce your claims.


Question 2: Should I file a criminal complaint against SwissTrade?
Answer: A criminal complaint primarily serves the purpose of prosecution and not the recovery of your money. Nevertheless, it may be useful to report the fraud to the relevant authorities in order to protect other potential victims. Your attorney will support you in choosing the right course of action.


Question 3: Is there support available for victims of SwissTrade?
Answer: Yes, there are law firms that specialize in supporting victims of investment fraud. Resch Rechtsanwälte can assist you and show you how to retrieve your money.

SwissTrade: Retrieve your money 
SwissTrade promises investors quick and secure profits, but in reality, it is a cunning investment fraud. The operators remain hidden, and the invested money goes directly into their pockets. If you have fallen victim to SwissTrade or a similar fraudulent scheme, you should act quickly. Preserve all evidence and seek the assistance of a specialized attorney for investment fraud who can help you recover your money. Do not be discouraged and make every effort to retrieve your money and protect other potential victims.

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