Swiss Crypto Bank - FINMA warning

The federal FIMNA has Swiss Crypto Bank on its warning list as of 19.02.2020. Swiss Crypto Bank does not have a commercial register entry. For potential investors, this is a warning sign that Swiss Crypto Bank is not reputable.


Swiss Crypto Bank: Website without informational value
Although Swiss Crypto Bank has the entry on Google, one ends up at SCB Money. On its website, Swiss Crypto Bank claims to be the world leader in investments in the cryptocurrency market sector. This is certainly pure imposture! Otherwise, the website is frighteningly unambitious and has no explanatory power whatsoever.


Swiss Crypto Bank: How can investors get their money back?
So, all potential investors be warned against Swiss Crypto Bank. The risk that the investor will not get his money back is correspondingly high. However, if an investor has already entrusted his money to Swiss Crypto Bank, he should seek advice from an expert on how to reclaim his money.


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