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The world of cryptocurrencies is booming, but it is also a playground for fraudsters. Suisse Coin Hub ( has recently caused quite a stir. But how serious is the platform and what are the experiences of investors? Closer investigation raises doubts about its seriousness. Who is behind this platform and what are the indications of fraudulent intentions?



The self-portrayal on

On September 10, 2021, the domain was registered at Hosting Concepts B.V.. Astonishingly, the creators of Suisse Coin Hub claim: "We are a market-leading provider of online brokerage services". Customers are welcomed with the words, "We help investors of all experience levels access opportunities in the global financial markets. Simple and straightforward. Our values are integrity, professionalism, transparency, quality and innovation, and we are dedicated to providing our clients with the ultimate trading experience".

Suisse Coin Hub: Experience and Reviews

As the practice looks different from what was promised, investors have raised their voices and the reviews are clear: Suisse Coin Hub has not delivered what was promised in practice. Disappointed users report about pending payouts and inadequate customer support. These experiences raise serious doubts about the trustworthiness of Suisse Coin Hub.

Lack of transparency and questionable information on

A common thread runs through Suisse Coin Hub's presentation - lack of transparency. The platform remains vague about its founders and executives. Address information is questionable and insufficient. This opaque approach raises questions about the platform's integrity.

Suisse Coin Hub: Security concerns and questionable business practices

Suisse Coin Hub lures users with seductive promises, but a closer look reveals a lack of detailed and reliable information. There are no security guarantees and no clear legal regulations. Pressuring potential investors to act quickly is another tactic used to raise funds.

Questions and answers

Q: Are there any warnings from financial regulators?
A: The UK FCA has already issued a warning about Suisse Coin Hub, specifically about identity fraud and cloning.

Q: What are the contact options for Suisse Coin Hub?
A: The platform offers limited contact options, such as an email address and a service hotline, but these are unreachable.

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Suisse Coin Hub ( may seem legitimate at first glance, but deeper investigation reveals that it is a sophisticated investment scam. However, victims should not despair. With the powerful tools of Chainalysis, we track cryptocurrency transactions. This is successful even if the fraudsters have tried to disguise the transactions via a crypto exchange.

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