STYX Trade scam combination rips off investors with different platforms!

The digital platform STYX Trade, which also appears as STYXTrade, was put under the microscope by our in-house research department after intensive investigations. At first glance, the websites and appear to be well thought-out and professional. Attractive offers and personal customer service by brokers promise an attractive return on investment. It is about trading cryptocurrencies, ETFs, and other trading offers. However, a deeper analysis reveals that this superficial appeal is only part of a manipulative game. There is no investment activity. And unfortunately, the losers in this game are always the investors. No wonder we are dealing with swindlers who use unfair means. So how do we evaluate STYX Trade? What are our experiences if we have already transferred money?



Apparent professionalism and hidden fraud
STYX Trade's promises seem very convincing, with the appearance of personalized support and the prospect of impressive profits. However, it is difficult for the unsuspecting investor to realize that this is just a scam. Not a single cent of the invested money is invested but ends up directly in the pockets of the operators. The whole show is just a well-orchestrated production and a clever illusion. After all, the many negative "reviews" circulating on the Internet, i.e. the bad ratings, do not come about by chance.

Lack of transparency and suspicious anomalies
The STYX Trade websites do not contain a detailed imprint, which makes it difficult to identify the operators. In addition, the domain data of the and websites do not provide any information about the original registrants. Furthermore, the company information presented on the website - for example, the alleged market entry in the Netherlands in 2016 - contradicts the actual domain registration data, which is dated as late as 2023. This discrepancy raises suspicions.

Links to other questionable platforms
Our research also revealed that the operators of STYX Trade may be running other websites with similar fraudulent business models. There is a high probability that platforms such as RCE Banque, Capital Group, Zenith Investment Partners, Pixpal, Gainground, and EvoCrypto originate from the same fraud source.

The mystery of the identity of the operators
Despite intensive research, the true identity of STYX Trade's operators remains hidden. The address provided (The Old Cottage, Lon Isallt, Trearddur Bay, Holyhead, LL65 2UU) appears to be a fake address, and the phone number provided (+44 1519479678) does not provide any further clues as to the location or identity of the operators, nor does the email address help. Searching for STYX Trade in relevant registries worldwide has yielded no results, suggesting that STYX Trade is a phantom company, as are the alleged GStyx Group, Styx Trade Limited, and STYXTrade Group, which are blatantly named on the scam website. And what about the CySec regulation number 4299-N-346 presented on the website? This is just a clumsy fake and is meant to lull the viewer into a sense of security - a fatal misconception!

Our conclusion: Stay away from STYX Trade!
Our research has made it clear that behind the apparent professionalism and promises of STYX Trade is a sophisticated fraud machine. The contradictory information on the website, the lack of transparency, and the links to other suspicious platforms suggest that investors are being manipulated and exploited. Hopefully, the relevant regulatory institutions, such as the German BaFin, will soon take notice of STYX Trade and warn of its criminal operations. It is important that investors are always cautious and thoroughly research their investments to avoid falling victim to such fraudulent activities.

Are the payments made in the form of cryptocurrencies lost to the fraudsters?
This answer can be answered as follows: there are ways and means to trace the money within the blockchain! Meanwhile, my specially empowered IT team performs blockchain analysis on all investment fraud cases using Chainalysis - the world's leading tool for tracking cryptocurrency in the blockchain - insofar as cryptocurrency was used as a means of payment. This allows us to track the payment flows of investment fraudsters time and time again with great success.

With the right tools, knowledge, and an efficient team, it is possible to follow the money trails and help aggrieved investors get their rights, even if the funds were transferred in the form of cryptocurrencies - such as bitcoin. 

If you have already transferred funds and have been a victim of STYX Trade and would like to know if and how you can recover your money, please call us at +49 30 8859770 or use our contact form. You will receive a free evaluation of your case.