Sky Financial Services - Experiences: Clone company makes funds disappear

Sky Financial Services pretends to provide investors with excellent opportunities to make money online trading as fast as it is safe. At Sky Financial Services, it's all investment fraud. The money has landed right in the pockets of the investment scammers. Everything the investor sees on their screen is fake. Nothing is traded at Sky Financial Services. Not a cent has been invested. Can you report similar experiences? How does the investor get his money back from dubious providers? What help is available in case of investment fraud? What can investors who have been defrauded by Sky Financial Services?


Sky Financial Services: Websites shut down 
Investors have been lured to the website with questionable promises. Here, bitcoin deals were overtly offered, promising quick profits. Everything looked very convincing. The unsuspecting investor was hardly able to realize that nothing was real. He was being played a game. Not a cent of his money was invested. Everything ended up right in the pockets of the investment scammers. There was no trading. Everything only appearance, no being. And therefore the investor does not get his money paid out. The exciting question is, who is behind this investment fraud?


Sky Financial Services: Contradictions with the Domain entry!
Of course, the investment scammers do not want to be easily tracked down. Therefore, let's take a look at the domain data first. Here the domain is called If one calls this website on the Internet, one receives an error message that the website is not accessible. If you check the domain data of, you will find out that the domain is now for sale again. The real operators hide behind the Internet service providers Domains By Proxy, LLC (registrant) and, LLC (registrar). The website itself was registered on 2020-05-13. However, the investment scammers also worked with the website. If one calls up the website, one receives an error message. If one looks at the corresponding domain data of the website, one finds that the Internet domain is currently not registered.


Sky Financial Services: Who is behind it?
Investors will not be able to answer this question. The investment fraudsters disguise their identity perfectly - almost. This is normal because they regularly operate various websites where they offer their fraudulent business model. For example, here the fraud started with the platform "Option 88 - Schönborn/Weiss", through which payments were made. This fraud model was then continued by Sky Financial Services. And who is the operator? If you look at the written material of the fraudsters, you will find references to the alleged employer of the fraudsters. Here, reference is made to a company Sky Financial Services, whose registered office is supposed to be located in Börsenstr. in 60313 Frankfurt am Main. If you check the alleged place of business in Börsenstr. in Frankfurt am Main, you will not find a company Sky Financial Services there.


Sky Financial Services: Worldwide search
If one examines the relevant databases, one finds, for example, companies with the same name in the USA, but here no connections can be established for the time being. Abstrusively, the scammers also refer to their alleged company by the name Sky Finance. This is also an interesting lead, which has already been picked up by the British financial regulator FCA. The fraudsters do everything to cover their tracks. But with our research tools, our Investigations team has managed to pick up the trail of the investment fraudsters. The key here is to follow the money!


Sky Financial Services: Warnings from regulators!
Unsurprisingly, Sky Financial Services has already been targeted by financial regulators for its business practices and questionable appearance. For example, the British financial regulator FCA published the following warning on 05.03.2021: "Sky Financial Services (clone of FCA authorized firm) - Fraudsters are using the details of firms we authorize to try to convince people that they work for a genuine, authorized firm. Find out more about this 'clone firm'. Almost all firms and individuals carrying out financial services activities in the UK have to be authorized or registered by us. This firm is not authorized or registered by us but has been targeting people in the UK, claiming to be an authorized firm. This is what we call a 'clone firm'; and fraudsters usually use this tactic when contacting people out of the blue, so you should be especially wary if you have been cold-called. They may use the name of the genuine firm, the 'firm reference number (FRN) we have given the authorized firm or other details. You can find out more about this scam tactic and how to protect yourself from clone firms. Clone firm details - Fraudsters are using or giving out the following details as part of their tactics to scam people in the UK:

  • Sky Financial Services (clone of FCA authorized firm)
  • Email:
  • Website:,

Be aware that scammers may give out other false details or mix these with some correct details of the registered firm. They may change contact details over time to new email addresses, telephone numbers, or physical addresses.
FCA authorized firm details - This FCA authorized firm that fraudsters are claiming to work for has no association with the 'clone firm'. It is authorized to offer, promote or sell services or products in the UK and its correct details are:

  • Firm Name: SKY Financial Limited
  • Firm Reference Number: 723097
  • Address: Sky Financial Ltd 75 King William Street London, EC4N 7BE, UNITED KINGDOM
  • Telephone: 44 02073675562
  • Email:
  • Website:"

A so-called company clone is used here with the alleged company Sky Financial Services, with which the name of an existing company is misused. Thus the investors are to be deceived.

Sky Financial Services: Scheme of the investment fraud 
The investment fraud follows the well-known scheme: investors initially put in a small sum - usually, 250 euros - and are impressed by how quickly this amount increases, so much so that they are willing to "invest" higher and higher sums. The quarrels then begin, each time an investor wants to have his money paid out, because now ostensibly at once taxes, commissions, fees, or whatever must be paid. Many investors are far too slow to realize that they have fallen for an investment scam and that there was never any intention to pay out the money again.


Sky Financial Services: What help is available for investment fraud? 
What to do in case of investment fraud, many defrauded investors ask themselves, since filing a criminal complaint does not make much sense, because criminal complaints primarily serve the purpose of criminal prosecution, but not the recovery of the money. What kind of help is available in investment fraud cases and how do aggrieved investors get their money back? A lawyer specializing in investment fraud must know how to follow the trail of money, because as it used to be said, money is never gone, but unfortunately somewhere else. In the present, one can add: It is tricky, but with the right tools it is possible to track money digitally regularly - even if it was transferred with Bitcoin via a Crypto Exchanger.


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