RevoEx-Change - It's an investment fraud

RevoEx-Change creates the impression that investors are provided with excellent conditions to make fast and safe money with Forex trading at the same time. Everything at RevoEx-Change is investment fraud. Not a penny has been invested. The money has gone straight into the pockets of the investment scammers. Nothing is traded at RevoEx-Change. Everything the investor sees on his screen is fake. Can you report any similar experiences? What can investors who have been scammed by RevoEx-Change do? How does the investor get his money back from dubious providers? What help is available in case of investment fraud?


RevoEx-Change: Doubtful and dubious information on the website
What are the perplexed investors being served up on "RevoEx-Change (HEX) - RevoEx Hybrid Exchange is a new and improved type of virtual asset exchange used primarily by institutional investors and traders, as it combines the components of both centralized and decentralized exchanges. A hybrid digital asset exchange (HEX) is based on the functionalities and liquidity of a centralized exchange while providing the confidentiality and security of a decentralized exchange... We integrate reliable, high-gear smart contracts into your exchange that verifies and executes automated, fast, cost-effective, and risk-free transactions." This is just a small example of the promises investors can find on RevoEx-Change's website. None of these given promises were kept by RevoEx-Change, but they seemed convincing. The unsuspecting investor is hardly in a position to realize that nothing is real. He was being played a game. Not a cent of his money is invested. Everything lands immediately in the pockets of investment fraudsters. There is no trading. It's all appearance, no reality. And therefore the investor does not get his money paid out. Unpleasantly the suspect business practices provide rather for unhappy investors and bad experiences! Who initiated this investment fraud?


RevoEx-Change: Hidden domain entry!
Of course, the investment scammers do not want people to track them down easily. That is why the website does not have an imprint with the full details and the address of the website operators. Also, the domain data of the website do not contain any hint who once registered the site, but only that the registration took place on 04.10.2021 at Tucows, Inc., and the real domain owners - as expected for us - only appear in an anonymous form.


RevoEx-Change: Who is behind it?
Investors will not be able to answer this question. The investment fraudsters disguise their identity perfectly - almost. This is normal because they regularly operate various websites offering fraudulent business models. And who is the operator? On the RevoEx-Change website, there are only sparse details about that. Besides the obligatory support email address, the telephone number +447380308056 with British country code is still specified to the potenziellen plant prospective customer, which does not permit however any conclusions on the operators of the platform. The Luxembourgian address 2 rue Edward Steichen in L-2958 Luxembourg can be safely disregarded in the search because an active crypto empire à la RevoEx-Change cannot be found there. However, there is a well-known provider of virtual offices there. Anyone can therefore easily organize an office address at 2 rue Edward without ever having been physically there. This is practical when visitors are generally rather undesirable.


RevoEx-Change: Targeted disinformation
It is noticeable on the website that there are links with the titles "Terms & Conditions", "Privacy Policy" etc., but these links do not work. Accidental or intentional? In our opinion, the pure intention is to reveal as little as possible about themselves in this way. Who is the CEO of this company and where did he or she study? How many people are employed by RevoEx-Change? Where can I find the business figures? All these questions remain unanswered within the website. With such transparency, the alarm bells of possible investors should already shrill in full volume.


RevoEx-Change: International searches
The worldwide search for the RevoEx-Change in the relevant registers leads to no result. The RevoEx-Change is a fantasy product. The reference on the website that RevoEx-Change is allegedly regulated by the Swiss FINMA does not correspond to the truth. But with our research tools, our investigation team has managed to track down the investment scammers. It is only a matter of time before the regulatory institutions become aware of RevoEx-Change and warn about their criminal activities.


RevoEx-Change: Scheme of the investment fraud
The investment fraud plays out according to the usual scheme: investors initially put in a small sum - usually 250 euros - and quickly experience how this amount increases, so that they are willing to "invest" higher and higher sums. The Scherereien begins then if an investor would like to have its money paid out, because now ostensibly all at once taxes, commissions, fees, or anything else must be paid. Many investors are much too slow to realize that they have fallen for an investment scam and that there was never any intention to pay out the money again.


RevoEx-Change: What help is available for investment fraud?
Many investors wonder how to act sensibly in the case of investment fraud because criminal charges make little sense since criminal charges are primarily for prosecution and not for recovering money. What kind of help can be used in investment fraud cases and how do the affected investors get their money back? The lawyer specializing in investment fraud knows how to trace the money because as it used to be said, money is not gone, it's just somewhere else. Today, this can be added: It is not easy, but with the right tools it is possible to track money digitally regularly - even if it was transferred with Bitcoin via a Crypto Exchanger.


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