Profitrop (, - It is an investment scam!

The digital world offers a wide range of investment opportunities, of which the platform Profitrop has recently caused a lot of discussion. Our intensive research sheds light on the complex web behind this scam by unraveling the fine details and conducting an in-depth analysis. In the following sections, we shed light on the matter and present our findings, which are far from "serious". Have you been fooled by the colorful trading promises of Profitrop employees? Have you been promised the moon and come up empty-handed? Then you are not alone! Investors in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Australia, Poland, and Canada have been targeted, but there are also victims of this treacherous investment scam in other countries! Find out who or what is behind Profitrop and whether there is a real chance of getting your money back.



Professional appearance and deceptive reality
The and websites are certainly elegant and professional looking! With attractive offers, broker support, and enticing promises of returns, they convey respectability. However, behind the facade, a completely different game seems to be played: Instead of sensible investments, the investors' money ends up directly in the pockets of the operators, who have no intention of returning the money to the investors - after all, they are swindlers!

The darkness behind the domains
Despite their appealing appearance, both sites reveal little about their true operators. The domains' registration information with services such as NameCheap, Inc. (for on 07/26/2022) and Tucows, Inc. (for and, both on 06/02/2023) is anonymized. This makes it difficult to trace and identify the real owners.

A widespread network
Alleged employees such as Marie Williams Lopez, Jacob Slotberg, Christian Miller, Peter Jakowitz, Samantha Schmidt, Ron Wagner, or Julia Larsen could be fictitious or stolen identities. Telephone numbers from various countries such as +41 221110002 (Switzerland), +44 7851854246 (United Kingdom), and +31 645557575 (Netherlands) were used to contact customers, as well as a Swiss address - Rue du Pré-de-la-Bichette 1, 1201 Genève. However, these details do not provide clear evidence of the actual location or legitimacy of the platform. In most cases, the perpetrators are located in completely different countries around the world. In this respect, there are some hotspots from which operations are primarily carried out. And in our experience, countries like the Netherlands, Switzerland or the UK are not among them. And what about the alleged registration in the Virgin Islands, registration number 2045319? Well, so far we have not been able to find an entry for Profitrop in the commercial register there, which looks very suspicious to us and is a major red flag.

Regulatory red flags
For our part, Profitrop could not be found in the global financial registers. In addition, several Canadian regulators such as the British Columbia Securities Commission (warning on 03/17/2023), the Manitoba Securities Commission (warning on 05/09/2023), the Ontario Securities Commission (warning on 05/17/2023), and the Swiss FINMA (warning on 05/31/2023) have already issued strong warnings against the platform. Certainly, Profitrop will soon be on the radar of other authorities - such as the German BaFin or the Austrian FMA. In this case, the burden of proof is simply too overwhelming.

A mysterious doppelganger, like a mirror image of Profitrop
As for Profitrop's web presence, there are remarkable similarities with a platform called DG Kendra (, which raises further questions. What is going on here? Did the Profitrop perpetrators simply buy from the same platform forger, or is there more to it? We'll stay on the case.

The bottom line: Give Profitrop a wide berth! Everything screams fraud!
Profitrop presents itself as an attractive investment platform, but it is riddled with ambiguities and concerns. Despite the shiny website presentation, investors should be aware of the potential dangers. The combination of missing legal information, possible false identities, and seemingly endless regulatory warnings underscores the need to be cautious and thoroughly informed before taking any financial steps.

What if you have already transferred money? What should you do? Where can victims get proper help? 
Regardless of whether you transferred money through a bank or you transferred cryptocurrencies through crypto exchanges: You can trace the money with the right tools! The tool we use in our company is called Chainalysis. This pioneering institution in the field of blockchain analysis has made it its mission to bring transparency to the often confusing paths of cryptocurrencies. Chainalysis makes it possible to trace the usually complex paths of cryptocurrencies. This allows us to see far beyond mere strings of numbers and codes and uncover the patterns and structures of the perpetrators behind them.

A pillar of support: our offer to you
Have you been a victim of Profitrop's unfair practices? Fear not - we are here for you. Our team of experts is ready to assist you. You can reach us at +49 (0)30 8859770 or by using our online contact form. For an initial overview of your situation, we offer a free, no-obligation case analysis.