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The online trading industry is rapidly expanding, attracting more and more people who want to invest their savings profitably. Unfortunately, these potential investors are not only targeted by reputable brokers. The online investment sector is a shark tank in which unsuspecting investors are lured in with attractive offers and promises of profits. One of these fraudulent platforms is OneCapital, whose bait is dominated by forex, commodities, and cryptocurrencies; allegedly operated by a company called Nexus LLC. On this platform, you cannot generate any profits. Those, who pay - lose potentially everything! Have you already had contact with this fraudulent company and have they also taken your money? Were you promised high returns and ended up empty-handed? The realization of being deceived is tough, but it is the first step towards coping with what has happened. It is important to know that you are not alone in this situation! There are indeed support options that can help you recover your lost capital.



Attention! New update!
11.07.2023 FCA publishes warning against InvestPoint/


Traces of deception on
The website intentionally provides limited information. The lack of an imprint, for example, makes it difficult to identify the individuals behind OneCapital. The domain information also does not provide clarity about the true owners, as they hide behind the commonly used anonymity service provider Privacy Protect, LLC. Such an approach indicates a lack of transparency and hidden intentions. It is also noteworthy that the domain was only registered with PDR Ltd. on 27.03.2023. Quite young, this website.


Language confusion
Another confusing aspect is the language selection on the website. is available in English, Russian, and Polish (German is not currently available), but this unexpectedly changes when you intend to register with OneCapital. The subsequent page my.onecapital.the company suddenly offers English, German, Russian, and French. This confusion is indicative of the confusing nature of the online platform being discussed here, OneCapital.


Incomplete contact information
In addition, important contact details are missing from the website. There is no telephone number to directly and easily contact the operators. The name of the managing director is also not provided. All of these missing details indicate a deliberate withholding of information to protect the fraudsters from investigations.


The Truth about the mysterious Nexus LLC
The alleged operating company Nexus LLC, which claims to be based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines according to the website, is also the subject of our investigation. When checking the local company register, no such company could be found. It seems that Nexus LLC is another product of imagination, just like OneCapital itself. It is also concerning that Nexus LLC has already been associated with other fraudulent platforms (such as InvestPoint). This casts a concerning shadow on their credibility and integrity.


The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) is already warning!
It is not surprising that Nexus LLC has already appeared on BaFin's radar multiple times. In one of these warnings, specifically in the warning issued on 06.02.2023, BaFin made it clear once again that Nexus LLC does not have authorization to conduct banking operations or financial services according to the German Banking Act (KWG). Nexus LLC is not supervised by BaFin. Such warnings should make investors aware that extreme caution is necessary with OneCapital and Nexus LLC, or better yet, to stay away from platforms like OneCapital or any other platforms allegedly operated by Nexus LLC. Due to the overwhelming evidence, additional supervisory units, such as the Austrian FMA or the Swiss FINMA, will likely soon join BaFin's warning. Moreover, there are other online listings of untrustworthy companies (such as here) that investors can consult.


Conclusion: Stay away from OneCapital and Nexus LLC!
OneCapital is a fraudulent platform that traps naive investors. With their well-designed websites and enticing promises, they are experts at misleading people. However, through thorough research and investigation, their fraudulent activities have been exposed. Potential investors must be vigilant and take necessary measures to protect themselves from such deception. Conduct thorough research, be skeptical when offers seem too good to be true and rely on your instincts. Only then can you protect your hard-earned capital from the greedy hands of these ruthless fraudsters.


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