Experiences with Oil Profit scams

Quite officially, Oil Profit or Oil Profit advertises under the German domain oilprofits.de. Supposedly you can start trading oil immediately. Really? According to our experience and evaluation, everything is investment fraud. Everything fake. Also, the Stiftung Warentest the BaFin and other consumer protection organizations warn against Oil Profit. Previously, false reports were also spread about the lion's den.



Data protection information inadequate
And who is actually behind it? In addition, no reference is found, even on the pseudo explanations to the data security (in English, although it should be for Germany in German) no address and also no data security official is. 


No Impressum
Of course, the imprint required in Germany is missing! What for? It's all fake anyway. But it looks impressive at first. Who is responsible, and what address Oil Profit has, is deliberately hidden from the customers. Why do you think? 


Oil Profit also mediates with other platforms
But often the interested investor is also forwarded to other trading websites, where it is no longer about oil, but about trading with other commodities. Oil Profit then takes over as an intermediary for other online fraud platforms.


Thus, the risk notices state:
"Oil Profit and all other commercial names used on the website are for commercial purposes only and do not refer to any specific company.
The video is for commercial presentation and illustration purposes only; all participants are actors.

"All persons, information, and events depicted on this website are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental..."

I don't think you can say it anymore honestly or clearly than that. All events and information, that is, all trading, are fictitious. 

We have identified the following domains related to Oil Profit:
Oilprofit. app

If you log in to the Oil Profit pages, you will land on the following platforms:
Platform.tools4deals-tech.com or tools4deals.com (registered on 11.05.2023)
Office.safeassets.xyz (registered on 05.06.2023)


Bafin Warning about Oil Profit
Already on 13.10.2021 har the BaFin warned against the oil-profit.de and oil-profit.de. We join the warning. 


Call center in the Balkans?
Presumably, everything runs however over a large call center, presumably in the Balkans. Certainly not in Austria, Switzerland or England, because the telephone numbers are used from these countries. They are fake numbers. This is a criterion for exclusion, so the experts know where the scammers and their call centers are not. 


The money trail is the only real one!
But even if everything is a lie and illusion. One thing is real! Every victim of Oil Profit has deposited real money into a real account in a real bank, opened by a real person. Mandatory, there is no other way. This is where we start, we follow the money. It is about money laundering because whoever accepts money from fraud commits money laundering and is liable to prosecution for money laundering. 


Investigations into the money laundering network
We investigate the money laundering network behind fraud platforms such as Oil Profit with our law firm operating throughout Europe. Our success proves us right. The likelihood that we will recover the money of investors defrauded by Oil Profit is greater than most victims of investment fraudsters can even imagine. 

Get in touch if you have been a victim of Oil Profit and tell us about your experiences. Call 030 885 9770 for a free consultation on how you could get your money back.