Our Reviews: Kaizen Tech Limited is not legitimate and is scamming investors

Kaizen Tech Limited, which claims to be the best trading and investment company you can count on, has been attracting attention lately. However, the reality behind the shiny promises and professionally designed website raises serious questions. In this article, we will look in-depth at Kaizen Tech Limited and related platforms in the context of investment fraud and identity theft.



The emergence of Kaizen Tech Limited

Kaizen Tech Limited and its related platforms appear to have been launched recently. According to domain registration data, kaizentechlimited.com was created on February 10, 2023 and is registered with NameSilo, LLC. Domain anonymization was performed by PrivacyGuardian.org LLC. Such a short existence is often a warning sign, as many fraudulent websites are active for a short period before disappearing.

Warning from Finma

The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority Finma has issued a warning about Kaizen Tech Limited. This warning was published on August 31, 2023, and refers to identity fraud. It is noted that Kaizen Tech Limited is misusing the name of the registered company KAIZEN Sàrl of Meyrin, which is registered in the Swiss Commercial Register under the number CHE-405.981.851. This misuse of identity is extremely disturbing and shows that Kaizen Tech Limited is not serious.

Kaizen Tech Limited: A company without a presence

Thus, the operator of kaizentechlimited.com has no physical presence at the stated address in Meyrin, Switzerland. The operators of Kaizen Tech Limited cannot be found at this address. This is another indication that the information on the website does not correspond to reality. 

Contact Information and Legal Notice on kaizentechlimited.com

Kaizen Tech Limited provides only one email address for contact: support@kaizentechlimited.com. However, there is no telephone availability. In addition, the imprint on the website does not meet the legal requirements. These shortcomings in communication and transparency show the lack of seriousness of the company.

Kaizen Tech Limited: unregulated business and lack of security

Another worrying feature of Kaizen Tech Limited is the fact that the company conducts unregulated business and does not have legal accounts with established banks. In addition, the website does not provide any collateral for investors. This poses a significant risk to those who invest on the platform.

Negative experiences of investors with kaizentechlimited.com

The opinions and experiences of investors who have experienced Kaizen Tech Limited firsthand are extremely negative. Investors have warned about Kaizen Tech Limited's activities on various forums and social media.

Kaizen Tech Limited: Investor Experiences

For example, one investor reported, "On Telegram, I was asked by a stranger to invest on this website and, of course, to pay with Bitcoin. He didn't know that bitcoins are not that anonymous, but it wasn't about that at all. You automatically invest in something unknown. Stocks, supposedly. But which ones? I don't know." Another investor warned, "Be careful. This platform is a scam. They don't pay out." Such experiences are indicative of criminal activity.

Kaizen Tech Limited: Pressure on potential investors

Another alarming behavior of Kaizen Tech Limited is the pressure it puts on potential investors to invest quickly. This pressure and emotional appeal to increase deposits should be considered red flags.

Chainalysis: Tracking the money

To help investors who have suffered losses with Kaizen Tech Limited and other fraudsters, the law firm Resch Rechtsanwälte is working with the US blockchain analytics company Chainalysis. Chainalysis has trained a team of our investigators and equipped them with its software, Chainalysis Reactor. This software enables the investigation of financial crimes and the tracking of virtual currencies such as Bitcoin. This could help trace the funds of affected investors.

Questions and Answers about Kaizen Tech Limited

Question: Is Kaizen Tech Limited legitimate?
The negative experiences of investors and the Finma warning raise serious doubts about the seriousness of Kaizen Tech Limited. It is strongly recommended to exercise extreme caution and not to invest in this platform.

Question: Is there a way to get my money back?
The cooperation between Resch Attorneys at Law and Chainalysis could help to trace the lost funds. Affected investors should contact the law firm for assistance.

Question: Are there any platforms similar to Kaizen Tech Limited?
Yes, numerous fraudulent platforms make similar promises. It is advisable to do your research and avoid suspicious platforms.

Kaizen Tech Limited: Conclusions

Kaizen Tech Limited and related platforms raise serious questions about their seriousness. The Finma warning, the negative experiences of investors, and the lack of a physical presence call for extreme caution. It is crucial not to be blinded by shiny promises. The cooperation of Resch Attorneys with Chainalysis could help to achieve justice for affected investors and hold those responsible accountable.

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