iToroStocks - Unauthorised firm

The iToroStocks platform promises profits through trading various financial instruments. The company iToroStocks Ltd. emphasizes being an advanced trading platform, having an experienced team, and charging low fees. However, iToroStocks deceives investors as the trading is only simulated, and displayed profits are not real. The British financial authority warns against iToroStocks, as it is not authorized and provides no protection. Further investigations suggest possible fake addresses and systematic investment fraud. Victims of iToroStocks can contact RESCH Rechtsanwälte to discuss possibilities of recovery.


What is promised by iToroStocks
The company iToroStocks Ltd promises profits through trading commodities, cryptocurrencies, currencies, indices, and stocks. Their business model is based on trading contracts for difference (CFDs). The scammers explicitly state on "Utilize our technologically advanced trading platform, our experienced team, low fees, and spreads to make the most of your trading experience." They emphasize the modernity of their trading platform and praise their team and low fees and spreads. Unfortunately, this completely misleads investors, and disappointments are guaranteed.


How iToroStocks operates
The offer sounds good: trading on a great platform. But the reality is deception. The trading is only simulated, and the displayed profits are not real. A withdrawal, which was never mentioned, does not occur. The British financial authority explicitly warns against iToroStocks Ltd, an unauthorized company that still targets individuals in the United Kingdom. Investors have no access to the Financial Ombudsman Service and are not protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). It is therefore highly unlikely that they will get their money back if something goes wrong.


iToroStocks: Warning from the British financial authority FCA
The British financial authority emphasizes: "Almost all firms and individuals offering, promoting or selling financial services or products in the UK have to be authorized or registered by us. This firm is not authorized by us and is targeting people in the UK. You will not have access to the Financial Ombudsman Service or be protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), so it is unlikely you will get your money back if things go wrong." Here is the link to the warning.


Further investigations into iToroStocks
According to our research, information about the operator company iToroStocks Ltd has emerged. There is reasonable suspicion that the addresses 14 New St, London, EC2M 4LX, and 1 N Wall Quay North Dock, Dublin 1, Ireland are merely fake. The email address is The phone numbers are +44 1884210604 (UK), +32 460247161 (Belgium), and +61 735204242 (Australia). The domain was registered on 22.11.2022 with Hostinger, UAB. In addition, the domains and have been used for fraudulent activities.


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