GMA Pros - is just another unregulated forex broker

GMA Pros pretends that investors are offered fantastic opportunities to make fast and safe money while trading CFDs, indices, securities, commodities, and currencies at the same time. Everything at GMA Pros is an investment scam. Nothing is traded on Everything the investor sees on his screen is deception. The money has gone straight into the pockets of the investment scammers. Not a cent has been invested. Can you tell us about such experiences? How do investors get their money back from dubious providers? What can investors do who have been defrauded by GMA Pros? What help is available in case of investment fraud?



GMA Pros: Untrustworthy and dubious statements
What must the astonished visitors read on "Since our inception in 2014, our unique approach offers high profits, advantageous trading conditions, available funds, and security. Our founders have over 20 years of combined experience in the financial sector, for example in asset management, investment banking, and as brokers. We offer our clients a diverse mix of trading options, so there is something to suit every investor profile. You also benefit from our reduced trading costs to maximize your ROI." That's just a sample of the suspect affirmations that interested parties can find on GMA Pros' website. None of these lofty assurances from GMA Pros have been delivered. Disappointingly, the dubious business practices rather make for disappointed investors and miserable experiences!


GMA Pros: Who is behind it?
Very many investors should tend to have a hard time answering this question because the GMA Pros makers do everything they can to disguise the true circumstances. This is not extraordinary because scammers often run several such websites with the same fraudulent business model. Such are created in series, quickly uploaded on the Internet, and just as swiftly taken down, moreover, the top-level domain is often changed to evade financial regulators and law enforcement agencies.


GMA Pros: Who is the operator of GMA Pros?
There is no actionable information on the website in this regard. Admittedly, the operator GMA Pros is given with the business address Stoney Ground Kingstown, Saint Vincent, and the Grenadines, but the makers of GMA Pros are not to be found there, after all, it is at best a letterbox company. Furthermore, the usual e-mail address and the British phone number +44 1288693002 can be found there. The domain was registered with Hosting Concepts B.V. on July 18, 2022.


GMA Pros: Scheme of the investment fraud
Investment fraud runs according to the same scheme over and over again: investors get in with a small sum - usually 250 euros - and quickly experience how this amount multiplies so that they are ready to "invest" higher and higher sums. The worries start as soon as investors want to have their money paid out, because now allegedly first of all taxes, commissions, fees, or whatever have to be paid. Only with delay do many investors perceive that they fell for investment fraud and never the intention existed to disburse the money again.


GMA Pros: What help is available for investment fraud?
Many defrauded investors wonder what to do in the case of investment fraud because filing criminal charges makes little sense, as it is primarily for prosecution, not for recovering the money. What kind of help is available for investment fraud and how do affect investors get their money back? The lawyer specializing in investment fraud knows how to trace the money, because as they used to say, money is never gone, but somewhere else. Today, you can add to that: It is difficult, but with the proper tools it is possible to track money digitally regularly - even if it was transferred with Bitcoin through a crypto exchanger.


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