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Our in-house research department has gathered some information about the Fiatci platform. Fiatci pretends to offer investors optimal conditions to earn quick and safe money through investments in cryptocurrencies. However, everything about Fiatci is an investment fraud. Not a cent has been invested. Nothing is traded on The money has ended up directly in the pockets of the investment scammers. Everything the investor sees on their screen is deception. Have you had similar experiences? How can investors recover their money from unscrupulous providers? What assistance is available for investment fraud? What can investors who have been cheated by Fiatci do?



Assurances on are baseless and untrustworthy
What is Fiatci trying to deceive unsuspecting investors with on You may have noticed that the website gives a solid impression at first glance. It directly addresses the users, offers seemingly interesting deals, and mentions the support of employees (brokers), which should lead to convincing returns and profits. All of this seems very convincing. As an unsuspecting investor, you are unable to recognize that you are merely being shown a theatrical performance and not a cent of your money is being invested. The entire sum of money ends up directly in the pockets of the scammers, who also do not trade with the investors' money. These alarming business practices only lead to terrible experiences and unhappy investors!


Fiatci: Who is behind it? does not provide any revealing imprint information to prevent scammers from being easily identified. The domain data of the website also does not provide any indication of who registered it, only that it was registered on 12/11/2021 with NameSilo, LLC, and that the actual domain owners, as expected, hide behind an anonymization service called PrivacyGuardian.


But who operates
The scammers usually operate multiple websites where they offer their fraudulent business model. While is still accessible, there is already a successor that unmistakably originates from the same source. It is called Emiratemines (also known as Emirate Minez and Emirate Coinz). The domains associated with it are and, both registered with NameSilo, LLC, the former on 28/07/2022 and the latter on 05/01/2023.


Fiatci: Who is the operator of this scheme?
In addition to the obligatory support email address, also provides potential investment prospects with the phone numbers +32 460222942 with a Belgian country code, +44 587154765 with a British country code, and +55 576234532 with a Brazilian country code. However, these do not provide any clues about the platform's operators. The addresses listed here are 2767 Sunrise Street, 10th Avenue, New York in the United States, and Chem. du Bois de Villers, 1325 Chaumont-Gistoux in Belgium. We could not locate a company named Fiatci at any of the mentioned addresses, so we assume that they are fake addresses.


Fiatci: Lorem Ipsum instead of information
If you take a closer look at the website, you will find that it only appears to be good at first glance. For example, if you open the "Terms of Service," you will quickly see that only the first paragraph makes sense. The following text is written in placeholder text, also known as Lorem Ipsum, and therefore makes no sense to the reader. If you try to access the "Privacy Policy," you will be informed that the page does not exist. Conclusion: is riddled with major errors that a reputable company would not make.


Fiatci: International investigations
A worldwide search for Fiatci in relevant registers yields no results. Fiatci is a fictitious product, just like the alleged Fiatci Inc. mentioned on The statement that Fiatci is a partner of Exxon Mobil is simply a lie (especially since the name of the U.S. oil company is misspelled by the scammers; it should be written as ExxonMobil). However, with our research tools, our investigation team has managed to trace the tracks of the scammers.



Fiatci: Scheme of investment fraud
Investment fraud always follows a recurring pattern: Initially, investors deposit a small sum, usually around 250 euros, and quickly see that this amount increases, which makes them willing to invest even higher sums. The trouble starts when an investor wants to withdraw their money because they are then asked to pay taxes, commissions, fees, or something similar. Most investors realize too late that they have fallen victim to scammers who never intended to pay back the money.


Fiatci: What assistance is available for investment fraud?
Many defrauded investors wonder what to do in the case of investment fraud since filing a criminal complaint hardly makes sense because criminal complaints primarily serve law enforcement, not the recovery of money. What assistance can one hope for in cases of investment fraud, and how can investors recover their money? A lawyer specialized in investment fraud must know how to trace the money because, as they used to say, money is never lost, it's just somewhere else. Today, one can add that it is challenging, but with the appropriate tools, it is possible to systematically trace digital money, even if it has been transferred using Bitcoin through a crypto exchanger.


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