DefiGroupinv - Lost Money To Crypto Scams?

DefiGroupinv presents itself as a platform offering investors exceptional opportunities to quickly and securely generate profits through energy, real estate, pensions, insurance, and precious metals. However, at DefiGroupinv, everything revolves around investment fraud. No actual trading takes place on, and not a single cent is invested. Instead, all the funds end up in the pockets of deceitful scammers. Every element displayed on the investor's screen is fabricated. Have you encountered similar situations? What can defraud investors do when faced with DefiGroupinv's schemes? How can they recover their lost funds from untrustworthy providers? What kind of assistance is available for victims of investment fraud?



DefiGroupinv: Dubious Information
What does a confused visitor come across when exploring "DefiGroupinv is a semi-automated online investment platform founded by a team of professional traders and experts in various investment fields, utilizing both artificial intelligence and human expertise. Our primary focus is cryptocurrency trading across multiple exchanges, supplemented by multi-million dollar investments in raw gold mining in developing countries (Africa) and other locations worldwide, in collaboration with reputable mining groups." This is merely a glimpse into the suspicious claims one can find on Not one of these extravagant promises made by DefiGroupinv has ever been fulfilled. Unfortunately, such deceitful business practices lead to discontented investors and distressing experiences!


DefiGroupinv: The Masterminds Behind the Scam
Many investors face considerable difficulty in answering this question, as the creators of DefiGroupinv take numerous measures to conceal the truth. Such behavior is unsurprising, as these scammers often operate multiple websites following the same fraudulent business model. These sites are continuously launched, taken down swiftly, and frequently change top-level domains to evade financial regulators and law enforcement agencies.


But who is behind
The website provides minimal useful information in this regard. The company DefiGroupinv is listed with the address 1 Great George St, London SW1P 3AA. However, the individuals responsible for DefiGroupinv cannot be found at this address, as it is fake. The email address is also provided, but no phone number is available. The domain was registered on 09/17/2022 with NameSilo, LLC.



DefiGroupinv: The Scheme of Investment Fraud
The investment fraud follows a predictable pattern: investors initially deposit a small sum, often around 250 euros, and are impressed by how rapidly this amount grows. Consequently, they become willing to invest larger sums. Conflicts arise when an investor attempts to withdraw their funds, as they are suddenly faced with taxes, commissions, fees, or other charges. Unfortunately, most investors realize too late that they have fallen victim to investment fraud, and the scammers never intended to return the money.


DefiGroupinv: Available Assistance for Investment Fraud Victims
When faced with investment fraud, many investors wonder what actions to take, as filing a criminal complaint alone may not yield meaningful results. Criminal complaints primarily aim to prosecute the culprits rather than recover the lost funds. What types of assistance can victims of investment fraud hope for? How can they reclaim their money? A lawyer specialized in investment fraud possesses the necessary expertise to trace the money trail. As the saying goes, "The money isn't gone; it's just somewhere else." It can be added that systematically tracing digital money, even if deposited via Bitcoin or a cryptocurrency exchange, is challenging but feasible with the right tools.


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