Broker Alert - How to save your money?

The Broker Alert always comes too late, because even if the victim of an investment scam googles the broker before his investment, he will regularly not find a Broker Alert, worse still, instead of the Broker Alert, investors often find cheering reports about very specific rating platforms placed there by the fraudulent brokers. Only when the broker does not pay out and there are problems with the broker, do Broker Alerts show up on Google. What to do, the defrauded investor will wonder. How does the investor get his money back?


Broker Alert: It usually comes too late
This is regularly the misconception among victims of investment scams. Most of the time, they do not research the scam platform on Google until the fraudulent broker fails to pay out and get annoyed that they find Broker Alerts there. Then, however, the fraudulent platforms have already caught the attention of other victims and Broker Alerts are then also found on the most important investment fraud warning lists. It is not the warning list of Bafin that is the most current, but rather the warning list of investment fraud of SGK e.V. (Schutzgemeinschaft für geschädigte Kapitalanleger) and the warnings of RESCH Rechtsanwälte GmbH or the warning list of financial investment of Finanztest.

Broker Alert: Criminal complaint does not bring back money?
But what to do if the investor notices that the broker does not pay out? In their first impulse, many go to the police and file a criminal complaint. This is not expedient. A criminal complaint serves to punish the broker (if found), but not to recover the money. But how do investors get their money back? What to do in case of investment fraud, investors will ask? What help is available for investment fraud?

Broker Alert: Follow the money!
Money is never gone, only somewhere else, they used to say. Today, you can add to that: Money, especially bitcoin, can be tracked digitally. This is not easy. It is not enough to report the fraud to the police or to write to the house bank and ask them to reclaim the money. Rather, a great deal of technical and logistical effort is required - "rocket science" must be used if one wants to track the money and secure it with a good chance of success. And then there need to be experts in how to use the criminal, civil and regulatory bases in the various countries to which the money has been transferred. All highly complex.


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