Blockstramfx: From serious concerns to negative reviews

Online broker Blockstramfx ( promises its customers a trustworthy trading experience. However, a growing number of bad experiences, negative reviews and a lack of seriousness have attracted the attention of investors and regulators. In this article, we take a critical look at the controversial aspects of Blockstramfx, highlighting the warnings and implications for investors.



Blockstramfx: Warning from the FCA

On August 8, 2023, the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) published an urgent warning about Blockstramfx ( The regulator highlighted that the company may be offering unauthorized financial services or products and warned investors of potential scams. The FCA stressed that Blockstramfx is not authorized to conduct financial activities in the UK and strongly advised against dealing with the company.

Lack of reputability and questionable practices at

Blockstramfx describes itself as a "100% trustworthy trading broker" and promises a reliable and secure service. However, numerous factors cast doubt on this claim. The lack of identity of the founders and executives, as well as the lack of registration and listing with financial associations or books, cast serious doubt on the authenticity of Blockstramfx. No masthead and revealing domain data

In addition, there is no serious imprint, which is worrying for companies of this type. The fact that there are no legal accounts with established banks also adds to the doubts about the company's integrity. The domain was registered on 05.05.2023 with HOSTINGER operations, UAB, and anonymized with Privacy Protect, LLC.

Blockstramfx: Bad experiences and negative reviews

Reviews and experiences of investors with Blockstramfx are exclusively negative. Investors report a lack of payouts and pressure from the company to invest quickly. The emotional manipulation attempts to pressure investors into making more deposits are also concerning. The lack of clear contact details and accessible service hotlines raises additional questions and increases investor distrust.

Blockstramfx: Help from Resch Law Firm and Chainalysis

In light of the growing concerns, affected investors have sought legal recourse. The renowned law firm Resch Rechtsanwälte specializes in helping victims of investment fraud and could be an essential resource for investors unhappy with Blockstramfx.

In addition, the firm uses Chainalysis to track funds transferred through crypto exchanges. This could prove crucial in tracing the paths of invested capital.

Blockstramfx ( Questions and Answers

Is Blockstramfx ( legitimate? The lack of transparency, negative experiences, and warnings from the FCA raise serious doubts about the seriousness of Blockstramfx.

Are there precise contact details for Blockstramfx? The only available contact option is an email address and there is no accessible service hotline.

What legal action can investors take? The law firm Resch Rechtsanwälte offers legal assistance to investors who have been disappointed by Blockstramfx.

How can investors track their investments? The use of Chainalysis in our law firm enables the tracking of funds transferred via Crypto Exchanger.

Blockstramfx ( Conclusion

The investment platform Blockstramfx ( is in the crossfire of criticism due to bad experiences, negative reviews, and lack of seriousness. The warning of the FCA and the support of the law firm Resch Rechtsanwälte underline the serious concerns of investors. Given the many questionable aspects, potential investors should be extremely cautious and conduct extensive research before entering into a business relationship with Blockstramfx.

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