The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has issued the following warning against DAILY WEALTH FINANCING on 14/10/2022:



Why do investors need to take this warning seriously?
What does this warning mean for investors who have deposited money with DAILYWEALTHFINANCING.COM? It is a warning, but nothing more! At the latest with the knowledge of the warning, every investor must be aware that he has become a victim of a rather dubious company. However, investors cannot expect any help from the FCA. It is not a law enforcement agency and its task is not to get the investor's money back! So the crucial question for the investor is: How do investors get their money back? 
What help is there?
Investors will certainly want to know what they can specifically do now to take all chances to get their money back. Should they go to the police and file a criminal complaint? In principle, this is not expedient, because the purpose of a criminal complaint is to prosecute and punish the investment fraudsters. However, criminal prosecution does not primarily aim to recover the money.
Follow the money!
It is therefore better to follow the money trail! This is difficult, extremely complex, and therefore requires a high level of expertise. But surprising successes are possible in this way. Would you like to know if this is also possible in your case? Then call +49 30 885 9770 or fill out a questionnaire. You will receive a free assessment of your case.